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Feather Leis:

All of the pelts as they are shown below, were all raised in aviaries. All of the birds died of natural causes whether of freezing temperature, old age or being killed by another bird. None of these birds were killed for their feathers.

Before I start on making a Hawaiian feather lei (lei hulu), I have to be at peace with myself and relaxed.  When I am ready, then I say a prayer and get started.  Each feather is hand selected, cut & trimmed for use.  The felt base is hand sewn, and each feather is stitched five times with one crossover stitch to secure it in place so that it does last a life time.  A feather lei becomes a part of you and a part of your family.  You will see in some cases that the family feather leis are handed down from generation to generation keep the life of the art alive, and it becomes a family treasure or heirloom (as it should be treated). 

I was fortunate to receive my Grandfather's feather lei.  It is a lei of the tiny blue neck feathers of the Chinese Ringneck Pheasant which my Great Grandmother made in the late 1940's.  A treasure that will stay within my 'ohana for many generation to come.

The Ali`i Collection of feather lei hatbands
  The Peacock Collection of feather lei hatbands
  Collection of Lei Wili Poepoe
Collection of Lei Kamoe

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